Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 16

Excited to beat our friends from the antipodes and be the first to post today. :cool:
This requires a bit of explanation. It's a detail of a light fixture in the elevator of my condo. I knew I'd be busy at work until eight tonight and so needed something early. I noticed the fixture a day or two ago and thought it was worth a try. This one has been cropped, flipped, and perspective stretched in DXO and sharpened.
I did not have a lot of time to set up the shot. It was taken standing on tip toe, holding the Fuji over my head and trying to get a decent photo before someone else got in the elevator.
Not as good as I hoped, but more or less gets the feel I was looking for.

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Thought I would take the dog to Pakowhai Park today, a lovely country park where dogs can be off leash. However that area was battered by Gabrielle, when the Tutaekuri river burst it's banks, and the road is still closed. Apparently a tree is down blocking the entrance as well, so Frimley Park instead, and remarkably the rose garden is relatively unscathed.

P2160046 Pink rose.jpg
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16 - Move, train, move!

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So there I am, on my way home, planning a still life shot for today, when I see the railway crossing booms start closing ahead. Still a little way to go, the train appears... I finally get there and stop, grab my camera, wonder what settings I have on... No time to think, just shoot, it's on aperture priority anyway! That felt like two seconds, maybe? Need faster! Fumble with the ISO dial, gotta switch it to auto ISO. That should be about two clicks from daylight 200, right? No, I'm at 800 (darn these cloudy winter days!), so two clicks gets me 200... Camera exposes for a seeming eternity – and then the train has passed. I toss the camera onto the car seat and move along.

And the shot turned out awesomecool! About five seconds of train and two seconds of waving the camera around. Super! I need to do this intentionally!
And I'm still scanning.
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As with one image earlier, the distortion was bad enough in this image it also made my OCD twitch, so SOOC other than correcting the worst of the distortion and resizing for the web.

Taking a break to let the scanner cool and rest my eyes for a while. Still have a stack of about 40 4x6 prints with info written on the back. Only 2 will fit in the scannable area of the flatbed, and I have to flip the photos to scan a second time to catch all the info. At an average of about 4 minutes to scan the prints front and back, I have a little less than 3 hours of scanning remaining. I'm going to try and get these done today so I can move on to other stuff.

The fast scanner is so much of a timesaver - faster scans, and it can scan the front and back of images at the same time. Added bonus of being able to scan a stack of double-sided documents and combine into a single pdf in one step. And I've come to loathe super-glossy prints. I'll deal with cropping the individual prints at a later point after my decluttering is complete, and all images have been scanned.