Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 18

I was driving out to Clive to walk the dog, when I saw vehicles parked at Pakowhai Country Park, otherwise known at the dog park, because dogs are allowed off lead. Officially it is still closed as a few trees down, and a lot of silt about. However I decided to take a walk there, and see what damage. Access to this bridge had not long been re-established after the last floods. Going to take a while longer this time.

P2180080 Access to the flax bridge gone again.jpg
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18 - Open 23.1
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It's the start of the Open Season. Crossfit Games Open, that is. There's three tests or workouts that serve as first level qualifiers for the proper athletes on their way to the Games, and great fun for us mortals. ;)

I started planning this shot as soon as I heard that our coaches would do the first workout "publicly". Considering how wide my chosen lens is, this would definitely be an exercise in layering. Some audience in front, wall decorations in the back and all the athletes performing different parts of the workout between the two. Moderate success, I think, but I'd really have wanted some (all) of the athletes closer to the camera. :D

(Also at least one stopped performing with at least 18 seconds left on the clock. :D)
Slow, but steady.
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If you want to compare to the same view from Day 6, you can see the progress. Not a lot, but movement in the correct direction. Little movements all around the apartment, while I'm spending a few days sorting and filing (and adding the stack visible in this snap to my existing pile) I'll be taking some more snaps showing the minor changes. Some change due to re-organizing things I need to keep, pulling stuff for donation/ recycling/ trash, and some things being pulled to be photographed before going for local sale. Vacuum not visible as it is in the other room, time to do weekly cleaning on top of all the other stuff.

edit to add link to Day 6 post: Single In - Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 6
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