Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 23

Sorry, no photos with stories to tell today. Just a detail I found interesting of a skid of carboard corner protectors.
Be at the factory until well after dark today, so...
Velvia. I'd have used monocrome, but would have regretted losing the turquoise.

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Over to you, Rose....
How many birdies do you see? - A bunch of rainbow lorikeets waiting for a feed.

I was juggling between whether fast shutter speed (freezing bird movement) or minimum aperture (giving maximum depth of field) was the most important. I finally decided that, for groups of birds in a tree, depth of field was more important. Then pray for a moment when the little birdies stop moving. ;)

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PS: I count 13.
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Today was what I would class a good day. I had the afternoon off to go into West Bridgford to help uninstall our exhibition and I got there an hour early to take some pictures. This is the only one I have processed so far, but I think I have a few more that I will be able to use in future.
This is behind the Library and is a memorial for everyone affected by Covid.
I have cropped this a little, but not much.
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We've been enduring an ice storm the past two days, and most everything is closed today. I tried venturing out once to take some ice-covered-tree photos but the sidewalks are glare ice, and the ice is so thick it's even too slick to walk on the grass. I have some ice cleats somewhere but...maybe tomorrow.

So meanwhile, I just holed up today and have been matting and framing some new work to deliver to a gallery I sell through. Here's a new image from the Central Oregon Coast last summer awaiting the top layer of its double-mat.

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