Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 24

Lying on my back looking up at the ceiling fan, I wondered what shutter speed would give the best impression of movement without freezing the motion. I think that the ceiling needs a bit of attention. ;)

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We blitzed into a shop that is holding a sale starting today, but found nothing tempting. On the way out, had a look in this ye olde timey expensive place that sells spices and imported goods.
Dark with awful artificial lighting inside there, so B&W will be the best compromise.

Since I'm doing a shoot this afternoon using a different camera system, I think this will have to do for today's contribution

Web 1500_ZFC_2127 Spice apothecary wooden rack BW tab-Sh.jpg
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This is a more than 100 year old ceramic jar of which it is not known exactly what it was intended for, a distant relative of my wife used it for something like marmalade, maybe the original intention was to keep small jewelry in it, who knows, we use the little dog (12 cm high) to keep our small change.
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Day 24 Horse carving

In 2015 we were planning a trip to Scotland for a couple of week and one of the highlight for Sue was going to see the "Kelpies" (giant horse heads) at Falkirk. The trip didn't happen as I had a medical "magic moment" and spent three months in hospital with a lengthy rehab period afterwards so my sister sent this over for us as a gift.

Look up the Kelpies on google if you want to see what they are about.

day 24 horse carving.jpg
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Danny doesn't do this!

Taken about 10 mins ago and there ain't no way !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for posting - but as far as I can see, you're not usually participating in the challenge (at least you didn't announce your participation in any way I know off ...).

No worries, just saying ... we're 24 days in, though, so it might be a bit hard to catch up ;)

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