Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 25

Start Date
Feb 25, 2023
End Date
Feb 25, 2023

Can you believe that this is actually still very much a busking band?!

As an aside, Ren (playing bass here) merits checking out - I've never before witnessed someone so torn and broken being so open about it *and* making the most of it. He's definitely an artist worth watching - if you can stomach it!

A nice shady place to sit beside the road and beside the footpath under the trees? No! It is large rubbish item collection day on Monday, unless somebody removes them first.

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Weekend Project.
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Goal is to clear out the space against the bookcases and the bottom two shelves, clean, sort through and organize stuff already there, move remaining books and boxes (containing papers and military memorabilia) into the shelving. The plastic tubs will hopefully occupy the space where the books were in the living area until I can go through the tubs (several have already been emptied). Similar project in the living area bookcase planned for Monday and Tuesday, if I can get this one done by Sunday night. So, stuff is going get disorganized for a few days, end result again being better than before. Still waiting for larger, more expensive stuff to sell so it can be moved out.

Maybe. Hit my foot last night, feels like I have heavily bruised or maybe broken a toe (again). :mad: Might impact being able to get low enough to do the needfuls. Might have to find other things that don't require bending my toes.