Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 26

Tired after work - interacting with two bereaved families ..... a bit emotionally challenging, although both families were lovely. I think lots of Hawkes Bay people are pretty emotional just now, as so many affected by Gabrielle., and if you aren't directly affected, you know people who are, and who in many cases have lost their home and livelihood, and possibly their pets, or farm animals. Walked the dog, but then bereft of ideas. My tomatoes have really suffered as a result of the extremely wet summer we have had. These are the better ones - self sown.

P2260333 Self sown tomatoes.jpg
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I'm all out of inspo today. The day started with a let-down; we'd been looking forward to a lunch with out of town family, but at 9am
I received a text to say, sorry, postponed, due to a tooth abscess :( My daughter had baked a cake to take along for dessert and we
literally had it with coffee for brunch! Since then then wind has been howling and it's a stay-indoors type of lazy Sunday.

So here's a boot with pretty laces

WB_ZFC_2190 Jeep boot with laces.jpg
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More progress.
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Compared to Day 25 shot and outtake. As with the dresser area, goal is to keep this spot accessible now that it's been cleared.

A little at a time, I'll be organizing this bookcase into a better state. I still have to go through the clear boxes with photo accessories. There are a lot of mismatched dividers from camera bags and Pelican case inserts, I need to sort through them and keep only the dividers that match the stuff I currently have and use. I need to find a spot that isn't in the way to store the poster boards/ FCBs and stuff I use for light blocks, reflectors, sweeps and backgrounds. The the sling bag goes into the closet with the other remaining larger bag.

The clear tubs and cardboard boxes on the shelves will be gone through once the bulk of the clutter is gone. Some of the other stacked stuff will be gone through and some will be sent to family. The stacks of books in the living are are gone and in the bookcase. The stacks of storage tubs are now where the books were. Kinda like shuffling deck chairs, but the bookcase is done and the tubs are out where it is easier for me to go through them now. There is also a new stack of stuff on the kitchen counter. I found old training booklets and such that have been packed from my mil retirement move. I need to go through and remove recyclables, and trash the rest.

The stack of framed photos from Day 25 is being discussed with family this afternoon, and I'll be dealing with those items next week. Some will be getting packaged and shipped as-is, others will be removed from the frames and shipped.

Sleeping bags and ground pad will continue to float around until decluttering is complete. Seeing as I sleep reclined these days, not sure I really need to keep them anymore, might be better served with down or synthetic comforters for emergency warmth.

I need to dust and list the photo backpack and chest pack, not going to use those so no reason to keep them. The small rolling case and backpack will be used for my "go" bags once I have room for them by the entry door. Already have a hospital go bag, and case with backup hard drives, within one step of the door.
day 26.jpg
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Not the finest of moonshots, but I was somewhat intrigued by the colours surrounding it, and that is what I have tried to capture. It is also heavily cropped, given a run through Topaz to get it up in size again, then cropped once more. I didnt managed to capture the colours I saw, but there was some rings of sort to be had, anyhow.