Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 27

Thought perhaps I needed to try use the lens for it's primary purpose (not mine though), portraiture. I don't really "do" people, so here is my fur "grandbaby" ....... Duffy. Licking his lips after a treat for coming and jumping into the car, when he really wanted to go and socialise with some other walkers in the rain.

Should have pushed the iso, as the shutter speed is a bit slow .......

P2270390 Yum treats.jpg
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Next project for the 27th and 28th. In this snap and spread around the apartment are several plastic tubs and 4 plastic bags (so far) for my next run to donation points. This area has already changed from the Day 1 snap.

The plan is to get the items in front of the bookcase shifted far enough away so I can access the bookcase. Once at that point, start organizing the shelves and hopefully get some of the things in boxes and tubs into the shelving. Goal is to reduce the clutter in front of the bookcase by at least 1/3, hopefully 1/2, and allow room to easily access at least some of the bookcase. High probability this will not be completed by end of SiF, but I will post an ending progress shot. The stack of large plastic storage tubs will go somewhere if someone doesn't take them by the end of this week, they've been sitting almost two months now and I want that space reclaimed.
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Another cold winter day here in Oregon, with harsh morning light coming through my window as I was leafing through a Stephen Shore book. I was struck by this image of his, from decades past, of a man wearing sunglasses... just as I was about to put my own on, before going outside.

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2023-02-27 12.21.20_DxO.jpg
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Lake Accotink Dam. The man-made lake used to be a reservoir, but now is a recreational lake. It requires periodic dredging for maintenance because of silt coming from upstream. It looks like they may allow it to revert to a wet-land without further dredging. On the left was a path with a very steep hill--very hard for cycles and strollers. Now a much more gradual path is being built.