Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 28

Time catches up with time pieces

I was searching through some drawers for some spare attachments for my CPAP machine, when I spotted this. - An old battery powered analog watch which had been given to me many years ago as a birthday present. After many years of use, it started chewing up batteries at an amazing rate and so I figured out that there must be something wrong with the electronics. I tossed it into a drawer and forgot about it.

I suppose that it does tell the time correctly twice a day. 😉

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I thought it would be nice to close a bit like I started a month ago, job done!
(in reality I'm far from finished in our apartment, I hurt my back exactly 2 weeks ago, my whole schedule is mixed up and the doctor tells me to stay calm for at least another 3 to 4 weeks and do nothing whatsoever somewhat similar to painting doors and windows or wallpapering, etc.)
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Cave ...

The weather didn't really comply today, as it was dull and grey, but I think this shot illustrates very nicely what my chosen lens can do. If nothing else (and there was a lot of "else"!), the challenge helped me build a constructive relationship with this inexpensive little warrior - as I've already said in the discussion thread, that's about as good as it gets for a "Single in" challenge.

Happier place.
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Not done yet, still sorting and organizing stuff. Then time to collect remaining small bits and vacuum the newly opened space.

The storage tubs and 4 Pelican cases will sit in front temporarily. The tubs will be gone soon, one way or another. I need to find a spot for the cases, as I still use them. But what is in the snapshot is how it will look next week, until I can get the surround speakers sold off and gone.

I need to find keys for the fire safes, those are Mom's & Dad's and I need to go through them to see what needs to be kept. Once done those will be repurposed for my use or sent away.

A lot of stuff is going to donation, recycle or trash this week and next.

Too much smaller/ loose stuff, can't get rid of it because I use it or will be using it this year. I need to find some storage bins that will fit on the shelves and stack, and buy what I need at one time. I've been having problems with storage containers - buy something, find out it works well for me and I need more, go back to the store and the product isn't being sold (or produced) anymore. Mismatched bins don't stack correctly and waste space, of which I do not have enough.