Single In Single in February (SiF) 2023 - day 9

One of the lion statues in King George Square outside the Brisbane City Hall.

The statue is located here: Lion outside Brisbane City Hall.

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Free Space.
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Two runs to the bookstore with donations. Two runs to donate clothing, bedding and household stuff. Some rearranging of remaining books. LOL and now my kitchen counter that was 90% cleared, is loaded again as I sort through photos for scanning. The FastFoto scanner is open as I need to clean drive and idler rollers, light tubes, and the scanning windows before starting any new batches. Yesterday evening I scanned a small random set of slides I had found in a box that contained no other photo stuff.

Matt...thank you so much for posting this, and for, once again, expanding my musical horizons. This is an awesome video, a great song, and a great introduction for me to the stylings of Ben l'Oncle Soul. Watching this video literally made my day... Alors, je te remerge énormément, mon ami