Single In Single in Januar (SiJ) 2021 - day 1


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Miguel Tejada-Flores
A cold, crisp, sunny New Year's Day... walking around outside the outbuildings near the old farmhouse where I live, this old wooden fence separates two of them. I haven't been using my Pen F lately - and am struck, once again, by the quality and characteristics of its multiple, variable and highly customizable in-camera 'Colour Profile' jpeg settings.


The morale of this short story: this is a fun camera to shoot tweaked jpegs with.


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Andrew Lossing
I had this idea of getting some gritty, rainy reflection shots at the outset of this challenge, so when I ran an errand tonight I went out into the parking lot of the grocery store to get this shot, but it was busy and I felt a bit like cannon fodder crouching to get a low angle shot, so this was all I got. A few curves adjustments in Snapseed and a frame for good measure.


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