Single in January 2012 - immortalised in print?


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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
We started with around 30+ members and if we contribute 4 images that is a pretty sizeable book and expense. Some members might prefer an idea of cost before committing. The book should ideally have an editor(s) to finalise layouts, indexing, proofreading names and titles etc.

Just some random thoughts.

PS: how is postage worldwide managed? I guess we deal individually with Blurb (or whoever) for the purchase.
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Jul 9, 2010
Caguas, Puerto Rico
My two cents...

Each participant should be allowed to pick his or her 4 photos. I believe each participant should have the opportunity to decide which photos best present his vision. It is the only way to ensure each participant will be happy with the selection. Furthermore, it eliminates the possibility that anybody is unhappy with the selection and makes selecting the images much simpler.




Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
I'm in :)

As I have just mentioned elsewhere, I am already pulling together a Blurb book of my photos and of the experience, but I would be delighted to take part in this.

FWIW, I am not my own best editor, so my suggestion is as follows:

Photographer nominates SIX photos.
Public vote on BEST FOUR per photographer

I would also bear in mind that Blurb has a number of pages limit for their high quality paper, so my next suggestion would be that each photographer nominates their BEST photo, which goes on a single page ("single in January", and 30 pages used) and their remaining 3 go together on the facing page. That puts us at approximately a 60 page book, which should look nicer, scan well and come under the quality limit. On the 3 photo page I'd also allow for a couple of paras of explanatory text that can be supplied by the photographer.

We will need images that are at least 3000px on the longest side, in SRGB colour space and JPG format.

I've done a collaboration book before and am involved in one now - don't underestimate the work involved!

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
I have begun selecting candidates. Have 5 or 6 possibles. My choices were weighed heavily by the posted comments. Not the number of comments, but the level of perceived enjoyment received by just looking. I also chose based in part on what I thought best pictured my approach to photography and vision.


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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
I would add my 2 cents. But shamefully, I faded out quite quickly! :frown: I do have a few more pics that I still need to post. So hopefully, I'll do it tonight.

ps: I am for choosing your own four. Given that I only have about four (so far), I won't have too much difficulty deciding!

If we do it on Blurb, each person can then decide whether or not to buy it on paper or just e-book (or both). So I think the financial commitment can be minimal to a little more substantial, depending on what each individual chooses.


Jan 2, 2011
I'd like this to happen, a lot.
I think I'd like to pick my own shots, but I'd also like my cake and eat it (I'd love to know which ones of mine are the most favourite of the group) . PYO wins for me though, in truth.
Voting for covers sounds sensible. Or don't have cover pictures, in which case nobody will seem favoured (plus I like a minimal approach)
Not bothered about bio so long as it's all brief and we write them ourselves. I don't particularly want my real name published and I never publish self-portraits.
I love the format of the old "Photography Year Books" that I've posted about before: all the pictures, then a few pages at the back with thumbnails of, and ultra-brief notes about, the images.
Is it going to be restricted to only those who completed, or to include all who started ? (I favour the latter)
It'll be a thick tome - 75 pages or so - what's the cost going to be?
And who does the editing ? - arranging images so they sit together properly in a photobook is a bit of an art - have we got any professionals in the group?


Jan 3, 2011
Forney, TX
I haven't committed one way or the other yet, but was thinking about the front & back cover of a book I wrote years ago for the treasure hunting/metal detecting hobby. If there are 30 participants with four images each, that's about 120 total. How about a mosaic of all the thumbnails for all the images printed on the entire cover that would cover the front and back? Just an idea. It worked on the book I did with great success.
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Nov 29, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
This made me laugh when I read it 2 minutes ago, a quote from photographer David Hume Kennerly:

"Behind every good photographer there is a great picture editor. My Pulitzer wouldn’t have happened without one, and my career has been greatly enhanced because I was lucky enough to work with some of the best picture pickers in the world. One of the grave problems with our business today is the diminishing pool of professional photo editors due to cutbacks, and many photographers are choosing their own pictures. It shows. I guarantee you that photographers aren’t their own best editors.

Having said that, there is a dark underside to photo editors, even the greatest ones.

Photographers, like any good artists, are deeply insecure. They need plenty of strokes, hand holding, and plain old sympathy. Photographers are genetic whiners, pissers and moaners, and royal pains in the ass. I know. I am one of them.

There are many things about photo editors that piss us off, however, because even though they know photos, they don’t know jack shit about shooters."​

From: Top 10 Ways To Piss Off A Photographer ‹ PhotoShelter Blog


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
Same! Still very keen. Whenever I recall the challenge I remember it so fondly. Honestly guys we went in a really nice direction with this and I'd love to see it well as our doing more Image Quests - even just to balance out all the inane gear talk on here of late :dash2:

But, again, I not only have a tendency to take over but also I'm a little busy with work at the moment. Also this was not my initiative, so I thought the originator our own Dr. Spock McLuke had the reins here. Anyone nominating to give him a hand? I recall him saying that he was happy to progress things but suffered from inexperience with collating a photo-book so would really appreciate a hand.

C'mon guys....:2thumbs:
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Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I suggested it after being all tingly inside after a month of great cameraderie and even greater photos. I'd be happy to start some posts to facilitate the beginnings of the book and with organizational stuff, but since I've never done one and so many different people are counting on it, I'd rather be a facilitator (and proofreader) and leave the actual Blurp interfacing and photo softproofing to someone who has done one before. I'll start a post or two to get things moving in the direction of a finished book and see if it picks up any momentum.


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Nov 5, 2010
Down Under
You're a champion mate, and it wouldn't be such a bad thing if revisiting SiJ brings back a little of that "all tingly inside" feeling. Again, I miss the cameraderie - oh mate what a nice play on words :2thumbs: - too and hope this brings a little of that spirit back and we walk away with a stellar book of memories and inspiration for the next Image Quest.

Thanks again for picking up the baton, have you found a partner in crime yet?
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