Single in January 2016, days 21-31 How are you finding it??


Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
...this is a continuation of the thread for participants to SiJ '16 to share, discuss, vent, rant, sympathise, cajole, consult, air, opine, appeal, declaim, chat and otherwise wibble about their SiJ journey.

Nearly there now - how is it working out for you?


Trying to focus
Dec 25, 2010
The Netherlands
Always glad to be on the third stretch. I like the challenge to spend some time each day on photography, but I seem to automatically resist obligations. Soldiering on though....


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Jan 19, 2015
Starting to think it might be possible to plan ahead with what I'm going to shoot now there's less days to go.


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
I've decided I definitely want more pancake lenses for the EM5 II. I'm good with 2.8 but I want better quality. Pentax was a master of this kind of lens.
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Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
No struggle. If I find something, great. If I don't, no worries. :coffee-79: This morning, from the breakfast table, we noticed the little snow caps on the deck posts, doing the slow melt. Step out the door, take 4 or 5 shots at different settings, and pick the best one, and finished! :2thumbs:


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Jul 9, 2010
Caguas, Puerto Rico
Tonight the challenge really felt like a struggle. Left the office at 9:30pm after yet another very long day of work. Had an idea of the shot I wanted to take tonight but everything conspired against it. First, it was raining. Then, I drove around for a bit until I found a suitable parking space. Finally, while I was setting up my tripod, a car parked right in front of the scene I wanted to photograph, completely ruining the shot. To add insult to injury, the car was illegally parked since it was a no-parking zone. I closed up my tripod, went back to my car, and drove around until I found another shot.

Fortunately, there are only six more days of night shots for me. The two weekends will be a breeze. I'm starting to think I will make it through the 31 days.



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Jan 19, 2015
I'm finding myself doing/ preparing for shots I've done before. The mental battery's running out. Really need to get some fresh inspiration for new shots in this final period.


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Dec 29, 2013
I'll catch up with posting tomorrow - I'm just now resurfacing after two insanely overloaded days, but am too knackered to do any post processing (actually have some trouble focusing on the screen at the moment). But I'm still in, haven't missed a day's shooting yet. More on that tomorrow as well ...


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