Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 10


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Here in Oregon, it's another crisp, cold winter day. A good time to put on sweaters and mittens and go outside and breathe deep lungfuls of that reinvigorating air.

But inside, surveying the latest dark news from around the globe, it's almost enough to put a scowl on a person's face...

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Let's amend that: on a being's face.
Nice use of the wind-up nun with ruler. 😇


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Just waiting for it to dry!



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Cliché it may be - but that's what I saw.

Is it cliche? Didn't know. I find the process fun, looking through the (preferably) OVF and moving the camera to the pont where the light slightly but not completely shines through, seeing whether your lens in capable of sunstars and if so, how good they are. Not a lot of oportunities to this if you own a rangefinder, it's only the Voigts and some Biogon's that do this successfully, not so much Leica lenses.

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