Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 20


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With storm Christoph raging I didn't expect to get outside today, however the storm actually delivered me a photo opportunity.


Emergency tree lopping

With a tree threatening to come down across the A379 as it descends towards the village emergency work had to be carried out. I was lucky that during the work the rain eased off somewhat so I avoided getting drenched.



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Had to make a trip to a local supermarket this morning for different odds and ends and purchases. I didn't really need to buy another muffler. But, after seeing this one, I am having second thoughts...


As a minor side note, I am a transplanted Oregonian and the mascot of the University of Oregon is (or should I say, 'are') a Duck... or 'the Ducks'. Supposedly, when the sports teams from the U of O play well, this is known as a 'Quack attack'. And as I write these words, I can hear the calls of other waterfowl (Canada geese, not ducks) flying overhead with their typical 'honk, honk, honk, honk'.


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After reading through the discussion thread, I decided that if I need to, I can throw my efforts toward those things that I love! Training my dog is one of those things, so out for a walk today, I had her do a "place" at a park bench while I got out my camera equipment and snapped this shot of her while I waited.

I picked this park because I was having too many run ins with people not respecting social distancing in my normal walk about areas. So the girl and I will go and do our own thing!

Shot a JPG in camera, then used DxO Filmpack5 Fuji Pro 400H film simulation for this one.

We did about 4 miles today, which is good for both of us!! :)

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