Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 25


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I have been refusing to spend time outside with this awful oppressive heat and today's no different, so time for a safest of safety shots. I knew this one was here all along so am quite pleased it took till day 25 to use it up.



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Last (generous) fifth, everybody :2thumbs:

And even though it's somewhat OT, this fits so well it deserves a place (apart from that, it's a really, really good version!):

(Saves me some time, too ;))


P.S. I'd also like to dedicate this one (as well as this day's harvest) to Sue - all the best!
Matt, you never have to justify the UOGB. :wink:

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Wow, another wonderland of tones. High contrast B&W is popular these days and images like this are rare. Of course, Weston and Adams worked hard for exactly this kind of result.
Thank you. I sometimes wonder if anyone else does like this style any more but it's what I find that I prefer and hearing from others is always a pleasure.


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My entry today is inspired by Briar's previous (and oh-so-cool) posts in which she visually referenced 'Accidentally Wes Anderson', a seriously cool photo-and-text book I knew nothing about before - but have now purchased my own copy of! So first and foremost, thank you, Karen! It's a remarkable book, and one I'm sure will take me some time to work my way through, but it's full of surprises. I've also been inspired by Briar's ongoing use of some small Tintin figures, in different photographic settings. In this homage, the closest I could come, is my old Tintin teacup - on which Tintin and Snowy are running full-steam, somewhere. This morning, I wondered if perhaps they might be racing to catch a train? And then... guess what I stumbled across inside the Wes Anderson book?


Allez, cours vite, Tintin! Faut pas perdre ton train...
Run, Tintin, run! Better not miss that train...
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