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Jan 3, 2021
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Jan 3, 2021
On this date, in 1977, Apple Computer was officially incorporated (it was founded less than a year earlier, on April 1 1976). The rest is history - if you like it or not ...

He's going of on a tangent after some eight minutes or so - he routinely does that; I don't want to endorse him or anything, but his take on Apple was, shall we say, refreshingly free of adoration ...


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Anyone remember Evel Knievel from the 70s? It's ok if you don't :laugh1:. My sister got this for me as a Christmas present about 15 years ago or so as a childhood memory.

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On the other hand this is the photo you make after walking past this scene and then returning to it having put aside your prejudices about photographs of domestic pets, also it trumped anything else I'd photographed on my short walk and I was on my way back to my car. (Thank you Sue for giving me the intro to this, and forgive me paraphrasing your text)

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Abandoned by the bins

Don't worry pet lovers, I expect this guys owner was in the adjacent coffee shop. A jpeg from the camera tweaked a touch in GIMP.



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There are so many things I like about this image, Karen, I don't know where to start. The light (and the lighting). The subtle gradation of white, black and gray tones. The delicate precision of the leaf but also its fragility. The...
It's a great photograph.