Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021 - day 7


S. Oregon Coast (the Northernmost-Cal of them All)
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Andrew Lossing
Day seven, another entry into my neglected "knives and books" series - CRKT First Strike tanto and The Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Japan."



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I take it you haven’t seen any of my efforts then! Good luck for tomorrow.
Ray, I've seen your efforts, I'll pass no further comment :) Seriously many thanks for your comment, I do appreciate you taking the time and your wishes for my further attempts in this challenge.
We all have our standards to which we hold ourselves. Nothing is more disappointing than us disappointing ourselves.

If you feel the best way for you to submit an image is to only submit those that meet your standard, then I think we all can respect that.

We all do this exercise for specific reasons. Some of us want to belong, others want to push themselves to produce something every day.

Nothing but mad respect from me for someone that draws a line in the sand and sticks by their decision.
Andrew, Many thanks for your comments, I appreciate the time, thought and understanding put into them.

Good luck to both you gentlemen and indeed to everyone in the challenge, whilst I haven't looked back at previous challenges I think there might be more of us finding this particular one more challenging than past ones, if that's the case with you then may your efforts bear fruit, if need be take that break and hopefully regroup and press on, and indeed use the challenge to perhaps judge your own efforts, it's not easy but then again a challenge shouldn't be routine if you're to gain something from it.


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