Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021: outtakes day 1-6


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These two girls came up to me and asked me if I wanted to witness their dance act as a spectator, in an otherwise almost completely deserted shopping center. How could I refuse? I watched them do the dance with a lot of gymnastics in it and took one snap at the start of the show; didn't want to distract them by shooting all the time. They told me up front that they didn't expect me to give anything, but I did anyway. They were happy and my mood was lifted a couple notches as well.

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Wow, what a lovely incident, hopefully they appreciated your interest in them, it's those little things that mean a lot at he moment.

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In spite of the (lack of) light, I almost picked this shot today - I really like the promise of colour ...



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It was gone!

I went down the farm track to photograph a fallen tree, but my landlord Graham had beaten me to it and cut it up, an opportunity missed and they don't come along too often in the countryside! Never mind, it wasn't a very big tree and might have been rather a lame subject. Graham at work with a chainsaw would have been better though.



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The uncropped color version of today's shot. There was so much going on here that I felt the monochrome treatment focused the shot a bit, as well as eliminated the weird spectral effects. If you notice, the window on the left is a reflection but the "window-like thing" reflected in that window is on the wall next to the lab.

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A good fall of snow (by our standards) has just landed here, with more on the way. The weather forecast is for cold easterlies all next week. Oh, goody.
I’m not happy with this shot. With the light failing and a snowy scene, I couldn’t get the WB just right.
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It's warm for a snow scene, but I like it. However I hate snow, so I may not be the right person so say anything. Lovely composition.

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