Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021: outtakes day 13-18


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Day 13: Spotted dove in the shade of the tuckeroo tree... and the other shot was of Toby ignoring it.



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Dag...if these are your outtakes! I want them. :)
Many thanks, as always, it was the light, not me. Lucky I had the perfect 5pm till 7pm timeslot.
I really like all three of these images - but the first one, of the boat, is my favorite.

Thanks Miguel. That’ll be the SS Ayrfield, a 1,140-tonne steam collier ship, which ran in Sydney during the very early part of the 20th Century, before being reassigned to assist as a transport ship for Australia during World War II. Over time, its inevitable decay has been met with the powerful forces of nature and more specifically the triumphant wild growth of a mangrove forest, which is now the ship’s primary tenant. Inevitably, the site is popular with local photographers and alternative tourists in Sydney. You know, the time to really get your camera out with that ship is at night with long exposure but I just don't get time to get to that part of Sydney during the evening.
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Anyone enjoying the outtakes more?
Hi Ray, In terms of day 15 I enjoyed your outtake better than your day choice, the outtake was monochrome which suited the subject and I felt that your subject material for the day choice would have appealed to me more if it had been a monochrome image with a slightly stark rendering as befitted the stark urban nature of the image, but hey that's me, these days I'm more appreciative of the photographs of Bill Brandt for example than I ever used to be.


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