Single In Single in January (SiJ) 2021: outtakes day 25-31


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My Day 25 alternative is the colour version of the black & white photo (of my Tintin teacup and an image from the Wes Anderson photo tribute book). Looking at the two photos side by side, they really have a different 'feel' to them. The monochrome version is much closer to what I had in mind - but the actual colors in this version are pretty cool as well, so I'm including it in the outtakes.



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Day 28. The amount of times this month I've thought to myself wouldn't it be handy if I had a quality long zoom for the challenge. But I haven't so when before a scene such as the one below I am consigned to thoughts of 'what if'. Imagine being able to get in close here with a detail rendering lens. Just couldn't get the colour file to sing in any way, so had to rely on Silver Efx Pro for an alternative.

DSC_2847 copy.jpg


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