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OK. I've laid out the photos and started work on the credits pages. Otto is working feverishly on the cover design. It's been several months, but a LOT of the work (like 95%) has been organizational stuff getting things together. Anyways, I thought I'd give you all a peek. I don't expect much of a response from it, but if someone catches something that looks horribly wrong or you have a simple suggestion that you think may a real impact, let me know. This is a good place to talk things out. Just so you know, I've selected the extreme spartan look intentionally to highlight the photos and let them speak on their own without any need for text, but I will also be laying out the same book with titles and credits and each page for those who don't want to flip back and forth.

Just a few quick explanations to save a lot of back and forths...... I am NOT a videographer. This was just a quickie 2 minute video. The camera was metering for the white space apparently.....NONE of the photos look dark and bad like this. Honestly, they look exactly like you sent them to me. I'm not sure how they'll print, but I'll do a test print when it's all set and we'll see how they look.

Feel free to chime in with any observations or opinions. I've never made one of these books before.

Here's my horrible video of our pretty cool book (in it's unfinished form)
P4250028.AVI - YouTube

You will also hear some dog tags jingling......that's my dogs saying hi to you all (or pacing around waiting for dinner)


If I found that in a shop... I'd buy it.
well done indeed Luke, and kudos to you.
I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of Otto's work too, although the plain cover as it is at the moment also looks fabulously cool and classy
(also well done to the rest of us - some compellingly good images!)

my only thought was that the credits pages needed a bit less white space (for my personal taste), but I also realise you're only proofing at the moment


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Can't thank you enough. It was great to see the pictures - I'd forgotten which ones I'd chosen. You've done a beautiful job and I can't wait to see everyone's photographs right there in the book on my lap.

You and Otto will get many "stars in your crown" for all your efforts.

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