Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 1


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My other system, sadly waiting for a bird. edit - aperture doesn't show, taken at f/8 f/3.5, needed to get my notes the other shot was f/8 :doh:.
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Miguel Tejada-Flores
On this month's Single-in I am starting in the room I have spent much of my time lately, trying to finish a writing project: my small at-home writing office, in the old farmhouse where I live. Behind me, on an old bookcase which came from my parents' home in Bolivia, sits the now-ancient radio that belonged to my grandmother, which I actually recall hearing in the dim mists of my own prehistory - and next to the radio is an equally ancient photograph, taken by my father, of his two youngest children then: my older sister playing with the baby of the

A lot of memories in a small amount of space.


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