Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 13


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Grocery shopping, doc appointment, pharmacy, yada yada yada... I'm tired. Quick and simple dinner.


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Miguel Tejada-Flores
Went for an afternoon stroll around the small town where I live.
Really not feeling photographically inclined at all and wondering what, if anything, merited a 'snap'.
Then I walked by this tree, which I have walked by maybe a few hundred times at the very least. And--
And for the first time, I noticed - it has this large rock positioned so that it seems to be leaning next to the tree.
Is the placement symbolic? is it landscaping feng-shui? is there a druidic gardener's circle operating secretly nearby?
Or is it just a large to an even larger tree?


I don't know. But I can't help wondering: late on a moonless they (the rock and the tree) find a way to communicate with each other?

(The smaller adjacent rocks I think are merely younger siblings, along for the ride perhaps?)

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