Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 19


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Dec 29, 2013
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Jul 19, 2020
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Jul 19, 2020
We all know what comes up when you research "19" these days, so let's not elaborate ...

So, here's an interesting alternative:



Jan 1, 2017
I didn’t know you could do that in Snapseed!
There's a double exposure tool, I open the next photo in the series and using the lighten function, turn the transparency all the way up so the old photo disappears, then open the edits list and select the last double exposure and using the mask function, paint in the person or object that I'm trying to stack.

Once that's done I save and then open another image from the series and rinse and repeat...

I was thinking of upgrading my old iPad mini to an iPad pro because I think the added horsepower and the pencil would make it a lot quicker and easier...


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Jul 13, 2011
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Isnt it though... I’m going to sell mine and just get something else.
The new version works surprisingly well. It sticks to the iPad and is always charged. I use it all the time because I need to do virtual interactions with students and I really need to be able to write and draw to do chemistry problems. A regular pad works as well, but it’s better to save my work and send it than photographing the paper. This fall, I’m go into try projecting with it during class.
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Oct 5, 2010
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Remember this on day 2?
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Now this, ...Main box is from my wife's grand parents house, now gone. The lid is from her dad's old barn, also long gone. My grand daughter has been hand working this. It has a hand rubbed thin coat of thinned epoxy-stain, but nothing on the lid yet. It will get a spray coat of clear varnish, or something. Her choice.
I did help edge glue some scraps for the lid, and rabbeted the bottom edge of the lid. Half of the lid thickness is down inside the box. No hinges or latch.

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Jul 6, 2017
Small victory for me, boring cooking image. For some reason the art of cooking on stainless steel without sticking food to the pan has always eluded me. Finally got it right this evening. Rinsed and wiped clean with a paper towel after dishing out the food, no food stuck to the pan. Now to keep at it and reinforce the correct technique. Sometimes, it's the small things... :biggrin:
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