Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 21


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I do not think this cat’s owner/s care one whit about him/her. It’s out all night, and this spot, having previously been Toby’s, is where he/she sleeps at night. The owners live in a house just across the road... I hate this kind of thing. Another neighbour told me that the animal is not microchipped or desexed either. Maybe time to call the RSPCA.



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When I decided to dive back into the Ricoh APS-C pond, there were a handful of reasons why I eventually opted for a GRII instead of its newer and very capable modern sibling, the GRIII. One of them was that I rather like the tiny vertical rocker switch in the upper-right-hand corner of the rear, which I have found useful for some adjustments; the other, weirdly enough, is that though I almost never shoot flash, I like having a small onboard flash. And I think Ricoh actually has implemented its in-camera flashes, both on the GR series and the previous GRD's, really nicely.

Today's photo was taken with the flash, in an exceedingly dark indoor setting - and I used the tiny vertical rocker switch to play with the luminosity of a few different shots.



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Feel asleep watching the tube earlier this evening, then got busy catching up on projects and almost forgot to grab a snap for today.

One of my projects - first coat of oil on a new inexpensive (cheap, they'll work for what little I use them) set of wooden spoons. Second coat will go on tomorrow, then see if they need more before the final coat with beeswax. Cutting board has been ordered, waiting on shipping notification.

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