Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 4

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY
Made this modification to the end of my home made wood working bench. It is a ledge cut into the bench, with a Oak runner for the Stanley #6 hand plane, to trim the picture frame etc, to proper angle. I also use it to hand cut the angle, before finishing with the plane. Don't need a separate jig as I use to.

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Aug 27, 2013
Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
Miguel Tejada-Flores
Today came and went far too quickly, most of which I spent at the keyboard of my Mac computer, rewriting and revising something I thought was done. It made - and makes - me think back to the analog days when one typed out every page and every revision, using paper and white-out and other strategies. And that in turn made me take out one of my old typewriters, a portable Olivetti that belonged to my mother, which she used for many years.

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Writing on typewriters is like riding a bicycle: once you've learned don't forget. No matter how much time elapses, how much water flows under the metaphorical bridge.
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Jul 6, 2017
A lot of failed attempts for me today. Got busy and didn't notice the clouds that would give a nice sky color at sunset until it was too late to drive to a nice viewing spot. Still looking for a good spot to photo the annual fireworks - park was closed for the event due to covidthing. So here's a shot from the hole the apartments are in, with all the roof lines/ utility poles and wires/ other distractions. Handheld with the assistance of IBIS, 1/5s, f/3.5, iso3200.

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I totally broke my rules today, but I was away from the house all day and thinking I had my GX9 in the Jeep. I did not. So, obligatory fireworks shot from the phone. At least the Pixel 3a does an alright job.

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I really wished for the GRIII from where I stood, could have had that in my pocket, but didn't. What was cool about these fireworks is that they've been cancelled this year in all the coastal towns due to their propensity for bringing in a ton of people from out of town, potentially spreading covid, but a last minute announcement from some of the folks who organize them every year made its way to locals while sparing town the usual crowds. And the show was particularly good this year.

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