Single In Single in July (SiJy) 2020 - day 7

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Jul 7, 2020
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Jul 7, 2020
World Chocolate Day - tuck in :)

On a more sombre note, delicious though it may be, it also has caused and is causing lots of grief, suffering and controversies (the latter may be limited to German speaking countries and the "cute", though very unfortunate name the chocolate marshmallow can't seem to shed ...). But things look up (somewhat) because now Fair Trade and environmental awareness are increasingly relevant in that market ...



Newcastle, Australia
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Toby’s hidey hole in a neighbour’s yard... occupied by the white and black brat! Oh horrors. He is out there as we speak, sending it off with a flea in its ear (figuratively speaking... we do not have fleas)



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"Hello, old friend(s)."

Sorting through way too much "stuff" and "things", came across some old companions again today.

The SAK Camping was dummy-corded into my flightsuit knife pocket every time I put it on for 16+ years. The black oxide Leatherman PST joined the SAK as flightsuit carry in late '88 IIRC and was carried at least 12 years. They were my portable tool kit around the aircraft, used when I needed a simple tool that fit the need and didn't want (or didn't have time) to run to the flight deck and dig through my toolbag. The SAK was used on every preflight, the PST a bit less frequently.

Taken at f/8, single light, processed, cropped, resized for web.

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