Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 1

The Brisbane City Hall and Clock Tower.

The first day of spring here in Australia. Sunny and warm.

I decided to play around with the in camera Keystone Compensation facilities.

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Day 1. Burning the metaphoric midnight oil.
It's easy to lose track of time when one is writing... but harder for my watch to lose track.

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An SOOC jpeg, taken with the GX9's internal l.monochrome.d setting, and using the camera's Green filter effect.
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A bit of urban/industrial, shot in 16X9. A little bit of tweaking and the full auto noise reduction applied. Shot wide open but should probably have stopped down 2, somewhat missed the planned focus, but shooting off the screen I didnt notice that, still thinks it works somewhat. Will have a gander at the menus to see what options I have to run the AF a bit, or I`ll mount the VF-2, so that I`ll actually see better whats going on.
I was lucky, happened to be out at Brick Lane London when the sun decided to appear through the clouds for about one hour after a morning of dark torrential rain. The shop we went to was next to one of these hipster clothing shops aimed at the youngsters where they have to wait in line before being allowed in one at a time to browse around, with this little tinkerbell obviously having been given the go ahead to enter having queued for about an hour. If I were using new gear, this action would have been frozen. That’s not so simple with the gear I’m using however the result is more pleasing to me. Apologies by the way, I’m not trying to bore anyone to death with these descriptions, they’re just my own notes for when I look back on this challenge.
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