Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 1

Day 1. Burning the metaphoric midnight oil.
It's easy to lose track of time when one is writing... but harder for my watch to lose track.

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An SOOC jpeg, taken with the GX9's internal l.monochrome.d setting, and using the camera's Green filter effect.
An Orient, for you are a man of discerning taste, as we all know! ;)

Also, the green filter was my favorite with both versions of l. monochrome.
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In Yellowstone today, not a bad place to start the single in.
Cicada shells on the backyard tree. Lit by a flashlight.
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Cool shot, Glen.
It has a particular interest for me because in Southern Oregon, where I live, over the last month or so (of quite hot summer weather), we have been getting massive amounts of both crickets and cicadas every night. I like in a slightly rural property outside of town, and every evening there is and has been a remarkable double symphony, both of crickets sawing away, and the intense buzzing songs of the cicadas. But I haven't actually seen any of the cicadas - so your photo is inspiring me to grab a flashlight of my own and do some nocturnal sleuthing.