Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 14

Day 14.
Visiting my son and daughter in law's house... there are toys everywhere.
Including atop the piano bench in the living room... which looks it may be perilous for young travelers--

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Monochrome version is posted in today's Outtakes thread.
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We always come home with t'shirts from the US as a souvenir featuring towns, cities or parks we have visited. I don't know why. We don't do it anywhere else.

We wouldn't buy a "Livingston" t'shirt from Scotland (EVER) despite visiting there lots but we would be happy to wear a "Livingston" t'shirt from Montana had we actually got there (we didn't but we're amused by the signpost) even if it didn't have Montana on it! How crazy is that?!

What's even more amusing is that if we go back to the US ever wearing those t'shirts Americans assume we come from the place featured in our t'shirts! Well, until they hear our accents! Then they might assume we come from Livingston (Scotland). We don't but at least they would be close!