Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 19

Had a spot of aurora last night.
I apologize for the fat stars. A D80 is not the best camera for this sort of thing.

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Shower with a special soap before surgery today. Decided not to take the camera to the hospital, so no more pictures for a few days.

Wishing you a successful operation and speedy healing @HenryBH

time for a spot of baking.
Ahhh - that mixing bowl !! My late mother had one and I remember watching her bake when I was small.
Sadly it got lost in the move to frail care and now is lost in time but this brings back warm memories.
It's been a frustrating day of basically watching paint dry. After many setbacks, the builders arrived today (in the rain, but they were able to work indoors,
however there are muddy footprints all over now). I really feel bad brain-shaming anybody, but it took me and the foreman the entire day (I'm not exaggerating)
to watch over the tiler and help him put each block of 4 tiles together correctly to make up the sequential squares. To get the pattern to follow the lines was just
something he was not able to fathom out at all. God bless him - he spent the entire day on hands and knees mixing tiling adhesive, measuring and using a
spirit level, all very nicely - but putting the tiles in the right 'puzzle' order was just beyond him every single time

Web 1500_FUJA0143 Mexican Tiles in situ.jpg
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