Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 25

Monday night is Camera Club night, this week was a Street Photography lecture via Zoom (we normally meet face to face but use Zoom once a month to allow a wider range of speakers).

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Lucky grab shot, at 2300 hours or thereabouts, first one of the day... Walking to get to the car, after finishing some stuff down town. The first that grabbed me was the moon over the rooftop, but that would most likely have needed a tripod to get done proper. Instead I had a bit of luck with the pair in the front started behind me and just walked into the shot. Dialed in -1 on the exp. comp. LR NR and Topaz Sharpen used
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There’s tons of blog posts and YouTube videos that talk about how to use flashes. When it comes to on camera flash the almost universal advice is “Don’t do it!” I’ve been doing two things a lot in the last year. One is using ttl flash. It’s kind of new to me. I’ve always been a manual kind of guy when it comes to lighting. The second is I’ve been putting the flash on the camera.

All those diffuser domes and little (sometimes not so little) bounce cards and little soft boxlike things don’t make very nice light. Bouncing the light off something and making sure no direct light from the flash head hits the subject does make very nice light. A lot of times the flash is bouncing off the wall (or something) between me and my subject. I’ve been using a black foamie thing as a flag to block any direct light.

My choice of on-camera flash modifiers

So today’s photo is a not so good self portrait shot with on camera flash. It’s bounced off a piece of foam core on camera left. I would have used a wall or even a window (yes, you can bounce off windows, it’s not very efficient but it works) but there was a doorway right where I needed to point the flash. Direct light from the flash would have spilled onto my "model" without the flag on the flash.

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OK, annual inspection done (very late). If things go well tomorrow I'll be back in Tombstone. For tonight, after trying to come up with something other than another chess shot (final one or two this week), a snap of my three "keeper" watches. Provided they don't suffer failure or get stolen, likely my last watches. Other stuff going to have to go now.
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