Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 4

Ah Gordon, there are some excellent selections here. Grew up reading all the Robert Heinlein books I could find. And the Stephen Hawkins titles are classic science. Plus the Pentax Mono renders them nicely.

Thanks - another one of those things I drifted away from for some time and now returning.
Gosh, that's a memory jog. Travels with Charley was our English literature set work for one of my high school years.
I remember him going on about the giant redwoods
I read Travels with Charley early in the year. Really enjoyed it, and was surprised that, even at the time of writing (1960-ish), he described Seattle as having a downtown which was becoming dilapidated and occupied by transient people. Somewhat ironic since I have heard a lot since moving here about how much better it used to be, but I suspect everyone relates things to a time in their younger years when they saw things with a more optimistic lens, and feels that "the good old days" are only one generation or so removed from the current time.