Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - day 8

A tidy coil is a joy to behold.

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Looking around the house for something to shoot, I didn't have any cool light to work with, and only mundane objects. But, wide open, this lens really puts some special sauce on. Somehow makes it look a bit excessively post-processed even though it's straight out of camera. Miyabi profile, a bit desaturated.

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Sorry, missed posting this yesterday. I waited all week for this to arrive and got a full refund from Amazon because it had been lost. Was about to order another when the doorbell rang, it was a lady who we knew from a church we used to attend and hadn't spoken to in many years. She lives about 10 miles away and received our package about the same time I was getting the refund from Amazon. I then had to spend an hour explaining to Amazon that it had now arrived and that I wanted to keep it and reverse the refund. In the end Amazon just gifted me the phone...
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Thanks. Now that you said I did give this B&W thing a quick try in LR. Might be able to make it work, but to be honest I'm rubbish at doing any B&W conversions of digital images. I never seem to get them quite right to my taste.
Digital files are pretty hard to convert to B&W. I find pulling the midtones up helps, then tweak them together with highlights until the bright parts of the image are subtle.

There's so many ways you can go with B&W, from the gritty high-contrast through to the opposite. I've been using a variation of soft monochrome on my GRIIIx with contrast turned up but clarity turned down that pretty well approximates what some of my self-developed and scanned B&W film photos look like. For me that's been satisfying to use lately, but I wouldn't know the first thing about how to do the same thing in LR or DXO, maybe a Silver Efex filter plus tweaking would get me close.
Posted a day late. Struggled to find something in the foul mood yesterday, noticed the light reflecting in the corner of the apartment's stainless steel sink. Scratches, dents, etc... Then fell asleep before even downloading from the camera while trying to relax. So, craptastic abstract.
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