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So, passed the halfway mark in the third single in challenge in a row, I shoot with primes. July or August last year was with the Oly 9mm fisheye BCL, February 23 was with the Lumix 42.5 and the current one which started up with the Oly 17 mm and changed to the Lumix 20mm due to the Oly not performing well on the chosen body.

If I can take anything away from these collective experiences, it is probably that I am a dyed in the blood Zoom shooter, and that I am more likely to shot on the tighter end of things, than the wide, but I feel like I am harnessing the wide end of things and I now "see" the wider end possibilities somewhat, along with the tight end stuff.

Running this challenge with the Olympus E-PL3 has also been somewhat enlighting, I have some Pens, all of which are either E-PLs or E-PM, and havent used them very much, they have mostly come along with some lenses which I have been interested in, and the cameras has been put on the shelf after the initial finger oogling. In the case of the E-PL3 I am currently shooting, I would put it somewhat in the "Immature" segment of digital cameras, it does deliver nice output, but I find the user experience somewhat less than stellar, probably mostly because I struggle with composing on the E-PL3 screen, and has shot most of the challenge with the LV-2 mounted, which puts the camera somewhat into EM-10 size territory. Comparing the E-PL3 and 7, I had no need to add the viewfinder on the 7, and it somehow feels very much more contemporary than the 3, even though both models are released within a 3 years of each other, but I guesstimate that Olympus broke some proper new ground between the two releases. I would have no trouble recommending the E-PL7 as a "only camera", but I wouldn't do that with the E-PL3.

As to the challenge itself, it has actually been a challenge to get going, somewhat. It is only the last couple of days where I have felt the rhythm, so to speak. The rest of the days have felt forced, and somewhat heavy going relying more on safety shots than in other challenges. Much of this is probably due to being somewhat desk-bound at the moment, and having little spare time/roaming possibilities along with a lack of interesting light generally grey days and the evenings getting darker fast, but that is just life and pushes on the ambition of actual learning how to use artificial lighting properly.

As always during these challenges, much of the intrigue and value of them, for me, lays in the mental processes they trigger. Not only the actual process of getting the shots in, but also the "deeper" processes of evaluating the decisions made and side-stepping "paralysis by analysis" as well as having a learning curve for trying out new things, being gear or shooting opportunities.
I remember reading reviews or watching YouTube about all the “cons” with the X-T5. Fortunately, I did manage to experience them all personally. It turns out that I somehow manage to double click the AF point joystick quite a bit. This switches the primary card slot, so SD #2 does not feel left out. I accidentally flick the EC dial on a regular basis and, of course, I’ve flicked to video mode a few times. The latter is actually a blessing in disguise since I now know video mode actually works.
Well, now I’ve done it. I’m traveling this weekend, today through Sunday. I packed my SD-card-to-iPad connector for the trip, but then somehow left behind the pouch that all my iPad cables were in 😬. I’m still making my SiS images, but I guess I’ll have to post Friday-Sunday images when I’m home on Monday.

If I can find another connector in the interim (obviously I need a spare 🙄), I’ll buy one and will be back in business, but I don’t believe I’ll likely have time for shopping.
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Just venting a bit.

Today through Monday might be much lower quality than normal for me.

Sometime after I got back to the apartment Friday, staff put notices on the doors about annual inspections Monday starting at 9AM. Since they didn't knock on the door, I didn't see the notice until going out to the grocery store this afternoon.

I have stuff out all over the apartment, going through and sorting papers, shredding papers, piling papers for recycle, consolidating and moving storage boxes as I can... Now I get to clean all that up so I can make the place somewhat presentable.

I'll be so dang glad when I finally get done decluttering the remnants of 2 households of stuff down to a modest 1 bedroom apartment. :dash2:

My back is hurting a lot right now and I still need to figure out a photo for this evening. Ack.
Now that this challenge is nearing its inevitable end I'm feeling much happier about my own input in it than I felt around the midway mark. Time will tell how this will affect my photography in the future, but having such little dedicated photography time combined with pressure to publish daily has at least honed my ability to see pictures anywhere and everywhere. Also it has forced me out of my usual bubble of subjects. Widening one's perspective is hardly a bad thing...
No day 26 entry from me. My twins got rushed to hospital with 40deg temperatures and vomiting. Still there now.

Fingers crossed we will all be home and well soon and I can continue with the challenge.
That really brings back memories. It's not unusual, time moves so fast and they grow up so quickly that althought it doesn't feel like it now, this will soon become a distant memory. All the best.
I did get a grip for the X-T5 about halfway through the month. It adds just enough on the bottom to rest my pinky upon. The extra depth of the grip itself was welcome after using the X-S10 for a year with its deep grip. I had a lot Amazon points so I sprung for the Fuji brand grip and it fits nicely. I’m glad the month is almost over, however. This morning I was PP today’s picture while eating a scone and popped the SD card into my mouth. :shakehead:
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