Single In Single in September (SiS) 2023 - outtakes day 1-5

An 'if all else fails' safety shot
We bought some new hand towels that arrived neatly wrapped and tied with these nice cotton ribbons, bows and all

Web 1500_FUJA9884 George and Mason cotton strips.jpg
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This is really just sort of a quasi-outtake. I made this image yesterday while on my way to make my planned photo for the main thread. It is an extreme crop of an image I shot through the car window while stuck in road construction traffic. My wife was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. I had my SiS camera in my hand: you know how it case Karlie Kloss walks past with a tiger on a leash or something. We were near the airport, and I noticed this plane approaching over a road construction sign. I snapped a photo for no real reason - perhaps to test the MF speed of my 1973 lens (yep, made it to infinity in time). It wasn't until today that I viewed the image at maybe 400% or so and noticed it was a BIPLANE. Not what I expected.

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Day 5 outtake. Once a year or so I photograph this vine on the fence near a family member's garage. The fence is ugly so I always do this in monochrome. This vine never grows, it's exactly the same every year. Yet for some reason I feel compelled to photograph it. I could just re-look at the same photo every year. Yet here I am, snapping away like Weegee at a 1940 murder scene.

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