SiO 2018 - Day Eight.


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A quick shot on the way to my ferry


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I've been trying to get a shot of this engine since it came down to our part of the world last Thursday. That day it came down too late in the day for decent photography when it was moving. On Saturday I was thwarted by pouring rain and this morning, as it left the region, I made the serious mistake of going to Totnes railway station where the crowd grew so large that you ended up photographing the back of peoples heads and their mobile phones held aloft in attempting to photograph the engine approaching.


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This was the best of a bad bunch and should probably be consigned to "The Outakes" but I can't pluck up the enthusiasm to go out again and try for something better. The engine was one of two on the front of the train, so double headed. and at this point doing about 50-60 mph although it doesn't look like it. Examination of the vale gear shows it to be in forward gear, but very close to being in neutral and I would have thought it would have been more towards full gear given that it's about to start the climb of Dainton Bank. Whilst it starts off easily it eventually becomes 1 in 41, the third steepest incline on the mainline in the UK and a challenge for steam locomotives. I can't help but feel that the second locomotive was doing most of the work at this point.

All in all a disappointing image on so many levels.

Church of Huopalahti, huopa means blanket, so blanket bay. I would have liked a blanket myself, wet, cold, beginning to get dark. Water poured to my neck from heaven and fingers getting stiff. But then I realised huopa, or verb huopaa means specifically rowing a boat to the direction you’re looking at. Combined with bay, maybe it is rowing bay. However no sea nearby, at least nowadays. And church itself, build for something else, but there started Christian ceremonies at 1917 and baptised as a church during WWII 1942.



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My pool company stopped servicing my area and didn't let any of their impacted customers know. I had the pool open in September because of the unusually warm weather, but was stuck way behind the queue at the only other service covering my town - for a while it looked like I'd still have the pool open when trick-or-treaters rang my doorbell. Fortunately, a couple of cancellations moved me up to tomorrow, but in the meantime I've had to drain the pool below the filter. I ran a hose to the drainage in front of my house, but the town hasn't sent (or more likely paid) their contractor to sift it, so I have a miniature pond on the street thanks to dropping my pool about 5 inches in two days. Sigh. And to top it off, today is classic October - breezy, overcast, low 60s. Tomorrow and Wednesday? Back to the low 80s! I just want the thing closed and I can deal with it again in May.


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