SiO 2018 - Day Eighteen.


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This morning I made the bus journey into town armed not with a shopping bag but with my camera. I have to admit that street photography is not my forte and I was feeling very much out of my comfort zone and thus rather bereft of inspiration. Luckily I came across an acquaintance of mine by the name of Laurence who was digging over a plot of waste land behind his cottage with the aim of planting it up and bringing some colour to the area next year. His first reaction was that I'd come to stop him working but I explained I'd like him to continue working if he'd let me take a few photographs as he did so. We continued to chat as I took a few shots, this being one of them.

This time the conversion to monochrome in RawTherapee was carried out using the channel mixer control with finishing touches added once again in GIMP using what are becoming my two favourite tools, shadows/highlights and brightness/contrast.

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Hard at work

This is perhaps as close as I can come to emulating one of my favourite photographers, James Ravilious. If I photograph people, rare for me, I much prefer to have them set in a work type situation rather than in some anonymous street scene, just another of my personal quirks.



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Dec 29, 2013
Scan ate my shadows - that's why I post the Google PhotoScan version as a sort of comment *as well*. As usual, the PhotoScan image isn't good enough - but you see that there's more going on.
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I seem to have been unable to avoid dust as well today - oh well. Anyway, this was my second attempt at this spot, and this time, I like the result (at least as it is on the print).



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Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
Today was hard, after work I almost just stayed home and gave up. But, theme made me fight and hunt one more church.

Espoo Cathedral, build 1485-90, second oldest building in the capitol area after St. Lawrence church. And personal touch, my two sons are confirmed here

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Sep 14, 2012
Pizza seller at a great little shop near Laguna Beach. When I looked at the image on my computer, I thought my sensor had accumulated massive amounts of dust. Then I realized it was pizza dough and flour! Day 18. Traveling back home tomorrow.
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