SiO 2018 - Day Seventeen.


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For the 7th day in a row we have grey, dull, overcast conditions. Today we have light drizzle rather than rain, although it looks to be set for much of the day. So it was grab a flower day and bring it indoors trying to keep most of the water droplets still on the petals.

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Damp Flower

Obviously there has been much post processing in terms of exposure, black point and contrast in RawTherapee with shadows/highlights and brightness/contrast in GIMP all being used to try and bring some life to this image. The image has not been cropped.

Oh for some dry weather and a little brighter skies otherwise inspiration, if that is what it is, will eventually fail me, and there was I pushing for a change from January. At least it's potentially much warmer this month, although weather is as much of a challenge.


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