SiO 2018 - Day Twenty Eight.


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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
Something a little different today - this is the result of 7 handheld images blended in Kandeo RAW+. It is free software that blends RAW images to increase resolution and reduce noise. It is not a new concept and can be done in Adobe PS and similar software but Kandeo RAW+ is automated and free. It outputs a dng file which I converted to jpg with no other adjustments.



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Another shot at first light, the only time this trunk gets direct illumination. A study in tone and texture (well that's my excuse). The usual conversion to monochrome in RawTherapee using channel mixer with finishing touches in GIMP. It's been a safety shot on many a morning as i walk down the farm track, now it's time to use it. Also it's cold and windy, British Winter Time is here, otherwise known as GMT.

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Jan 28, 2014
Helsinki, Finland
Building year of the original church on this place is unknown, but probably according to parish register early 1600. This picturesque church is built on 1754. Renewed bell tower is from 1895. Church of Östersundom (=Eastern Strait, sea use to be close this place) is now middle of residential district, luckily small houses so that this tiny 200 sq.m church gets attention it deserves.
Once a picture during daylight, also :2thumbs:


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