SiO 2018 - Day Twenty Nine.


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Noticed this shadow play outside while doing my 'very bright light therapy' to reset my circadian rhythm - don't ask :boohoo:.



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Today the conversion to monochrome was carried out using the film simulation facility in RawTherapee, in particular using Black and White > Fuji > Acros + R with the aim of producing a rather starker monochrome image as suits the subject material. There was some subsequent adjustment to the highlight and shadow values which were somewhat blown out and blocked respectively in the conversion to monochrome. The only action carried out in GIMP was to add the border.


Behind the barn

*Note - The lens I started this adventure out using, the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm Classic SC, is no longer in my inventory. A very long story. To finish out the month I will continue to use the R-D1s but with my Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4.
A witchin' day. Saw the girls on the way back from the dentist's office. Stopped for a moment and a quick chat.
. . . David
St. Johnsbury Witches.jpg

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Church of Meilahti, built 1954. This church’s specialty is the bell. One of the two large bells is actually designed and made for church of Vyborg. Vyborg was the second largest city in Finland before WWII. Soviet troops took it over and it was left to the wrong side of border in the peace negotiations.

Candle trees in the church are designed and made by Finnish designer Paavo Thynel. He is specialised in lamps. I’ve got one of his designs on my working table. Out of curiosity I once checked the worth of it. Believe or not, collectors have paid around 5000 €, a bit more in dollars, for similar lamps. Phuuuh

Btw, taking this photo was quite a hassle. First snow in the ground, summer tires in the car, no legal parking spot and very busy to get to the next place, to pick up my daughter from her drawing school. Just framed and took the shot, and couple more for safety. Just had a feeling that exposure time was quite a ‘longish’, no time to give second thought. But IMO, not bad for hand-held :D


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