SiO 2018 - Day Twenty Three.


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Jul 17, 2010
Perth, Western Australia
Bill Shinnick
“If I gave people what they wanted I'd have designed a faster
– Henry Ford

This may well never have actually been said by Ford, it may just be an
apocryphal quote, but we don't care, do we, because it makes a brilliant point?
Sometimes you have to step outside the box and take chances that don't
necessarily sit with conventional wisdom.


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Unfortunately the circular feed ring has been moved to a location where it doesn't catch the early sun, and by the time it does catch any sun the animals have eaten most of what has been delivered for a breakfast treat and dispersed, c'est la vie.

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Breakfast treats

The original image was taken in 4:3 format but cropped to 16:9 in processing to remove the unnecessary foreground whilst still retaining the original image width. I think the fact that one animal on the extreme right has noticed my presence has added interest to the image.

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Jan 1, 2017
Honestly, it looked better in colour...

Taken late this arvo, in a rush as the sun was setting. Going for a ride with the dog, I’d just gotten to the end of the street when some twit’s smashed beer glass destroyed the back tyre of my fat bike. I quickly went home and grabbed the XC bike and got out to the highway to capture the evening rush hour traffic battling it out for no known prize, before continuing on to some single track with the mutt in tow...

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Can't get off da' hill today. Old college teaching colleague coming out for "Whine and Cheese" so I needed to look close at hand and reply a bit on some hopefully "controlled" post processing. Still with the R-D1s and Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4 SC, from an ERF file processed in Lightroom "Classic" and Color Efex Pro4.
. . . David
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Dec 29, 2013
Strictly safety (still took me four(!) shots to acknowledge I couldn't do any better today - one totally botched, too; best to file this day under "barely made it").
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>=1", f/5.6

Honestly, I'm still amazed at the fact that it's not a lot more shaky and smeared; the RF70's leaf shutter is respectably smooth (and very quiet, too).


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