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The first image was the framing I wanted for the 28th photo - Done with our X-E2 with the same lens I have been using the entire month with the R-D1s. However, the rangefinder in the R-D1s appears to have had a "bad moment" and it gave me the second shot posted below - JPEG unprocessed.
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Bike Sign - X-E2.jpg

Bike Sign - R-D1s - Focus Problems.jpg
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Gosh ... I almost broke my camera this evening ... it's not completely undamaged, but still working okay. Boy, that would have been a nasty end to the month ... I'm still shaken.

What happened? Well, the buggy film pack I shot the last couple of shots with had left some debris on the rollers that caused scratches on the images. I tried to clean the rollers with a piece of microfiber cloth and a drop of isopropanol - when the whole (small) piece got caught by the rollers and disappeared into the mechanism! I thought the camera was done for - but then (a couple of hours later - I had to conduct a rehearsal first) I discovered that I could just about reach the cloth from the top slot (the one from which the images are released) with a needle. Lo and behold, I could tease out enough of it to use a pair of pliers to pull it out. The rollers are ever so slightly out of alignment now - but considering what could have happened, that's a pretty minor problem.

I really need a glass of good single malt now ...

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