Feedback Site display, horizontal scrolling issues, etc


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Just got back from a a few days away with limited internet access and received a few emails and PMs about the site not displaying correctly, needing to scroll horizontally, etc.

I am aware that the site is not displaying properly in Internet Explorer and unfortunately have not been able to find a fix for that. All I suggest for the time being is using a browser other than IE (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc) to access this site. I recommend Firefox but have tested Safari and Chrome, and these seem fine.
Herman, are you logged in to SC when you look at this thread you linked to via Firefox? I know this might seem sort of a silly question... I don't usually use Firefox. Just brought up SC on it, and before I logged in the thread was out of whack due to the advertisements on the left hand page. Once I logged in, everything looks just as it does for me via Safari - which is perfect.
Thanks for the replies. Seems that it isn't the webbrowser that causes the inconvenience. I have sent an email message to Amin. So let's wait and hopefully Amin will fix the "problem" soon. I'm sure Amin will.
IE doesn't seem to render the site properly regardless of display size or login status. It is currently beyond my means to get this site to render properly in IE.

For browsers other than IE:

If the thread being viewed is an image thread, then you have ~1000 pixel images being shown in addition to a 175px right column, which means that any display less than ~1200px wide will have some need of horizontal scrolling.

If you do not login, a 175px left column is also shown in the thread view, which means that any display less than ~1400px wide will have some need for horizontal scrolling.