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Sorry for the site downtime tonight, all. Our hosting company had a major problem with the "cloud" SSD service, affecting all sites which use that technology. As our luck would have it, we "upgraded" to that product just a couple days ago. They are assuring us that this won't happen again, but I need to look at other options as well.


Repsonse and page load times seem very sluggish since the brief downtime.
Not seeing such response times on any of the other sites I'm using

Lawrence A.

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New Mexico
I've done upgrades like that. Put a first gen. core i7 and and SSD in an old i3 laptop. All was great -- fast responsive -- until the cloning and partitioning software started installing software all over the place that conflicted with the OS. Straightened it out, but what a pain.

Most upgrades have birthing pains. After the down time the site seems OK from here. The varieties of computer experience!