Site Note: Sony RX100 Gets Its Own (Sub) Forum


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David Pogue says it "has single-handedly smashed the rule that said, 'You need a big camera for pro-quality photos.'"

-To Michael Reichmann, it's "hands-down the most appealing pocket-sized digital camera yet".

-Richard Franiec has designed a very nice custom grip for it.

-And last but definitely not least, we have a >60-post strong users thread with seven (and counting) Serious Compacts members already sharing their images and experience of owning this camera.

Clearly the Sony RX100 deserves its own forum here at Serious Compacts, and now it has one*. As far as I know, we have the only English-language dedicated Sony RX100 forum on the web.

*Our fixed-lens camera forums have been divided into small and large sensor cameras. The 1" sensor in the RX100 now arbitrarily defines the lower limit of what we're considering to be "large".


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thanks for the new forum. I might consider it to be the upper limit of what I consider to be small (rather than the lower limit of what is to be considered large), but that debate could fill a whole other forum. The bottom line is it appears to take nice photos.


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Just got this email from my brother: