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Something I've been meaning to raise for a while is could the featured threads be swapped around more frequently or at least given a time limit
Logging onto the same page daily gets a bit boring even after a few days & I think we need to refresh more frequently

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Anytime there is a photo-centric post from a single user, I consider it.

And one or two "test" shots from a new camera don't count. I don't think they should be changed all willy-nilly. I think the post should merit the special attention it gets.

It just seems that creating and sharing photographs isn't something that is done with enough regularity by this small group. So we either need to grow the group, become more active photographers (or more actively share what we shoot) or lower our standards and just put any old thing on the Featured front page. I think one of the first two choices is preferable.


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It doesn't have to be from the forum users - adapt a more general approach & feature works by other photographers
Links could be a problem but it could be sorted & more educational & inspiring

Richard Avedon etc

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