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Nov 3, 2018
I know the last time we talked about site updates it was pretty big that involved a major update of the site software. This time it's nothing that big but a few changes are coming sometime in the next few weeks.

Most of the changes will be minor or behind-the-scenes stuff and, really, likely wouldn't warrant an announcement thread. There is one change though that most regulars will notice right away. The editor toolbar is changing.

The revised toolbar aims to be less 'busy' by moving many of the icons from always being displayed to instead be in the secondary drop-down menu (when you click the 3 dots). All of the current options are still available, just re-arranged where they appear in the toolbar.

The "Preview" button has moved from being a dedicated button at the bottom of the post and is now in the upper-right corner. When you click "Preview" the editor changes from 'edit' move to 'preview' mode, clicking the button again goes back to edit mode. For anybody who had used word processors it's akin to viewing 'print mode' versus 'edit mode' when working on a document.

For comparison, here's the current editor toolbar and then below it the new one.



Another change with the editor is how images are attached. Attaching an image is the same as it is now but they'll look a bit different.

Instead of attachments appearing as a list with each thumbnail in its own row the thumbnails will now appear in a tiled view with the options for it. The options for the attachment, like deleting it or inserting it into the post, are now options shown as an overlay on top of the thumbnail instead buttons.

For comparison, here's how attachments look in the current editor and then below it the new one.



There will be some learning curves as the new editor interface gets adjusted to but, in testing, the changes really do help streamline the process of creating a new post & saving it. We'll be able to make minor adjustments if wanted, like which icons always appear in the main toolbar versus the drop-down secondary list but when the time comes give it a bit of time to try it out. :)

Apollo T.

Nov 13, 2017
I don't know what changes you've, but someething has vhanged on my displlay. Starting yesterday the sidebar on the right is on. My preferences has this feature checked to OFF.
how do I het rid of the sidebar?

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