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OK, at first I was thrown off because earlier posts in that thread is showing EXIF for me but not your newest post.... then the lightbulb went on.

Long story short, there's two things going on. Members must opt-in to viewing EXIF and the boneheaded Code Monkey who does the site upgrades must write himself a huge note to remember to apply the manual edits needed to preserve EXIF data when doing updates.*

If you try uploading that one again, it should show now.

* = Normally the forum software strips out all EXIF data of images posted in the forums. In order to have it show up a core XF file needs to be manually edited to not strip the EXIF data and then a custom add-on is used to actually retrieve & display the data when an image is viewed. Doing a standard XF upgrade results in the manual file edits being lost so they must be re-applied every time.
THANK YOU, Kevin! perfectly now.
And thanks to that boneheaded Code Monkey too, for being one smart simian 🐵

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