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I might try visiting the local library (something I haven't done since I was in school I'm embarrassed to say) and see if they can procure the series for me to peruse at my leisure. Because I will absolutely pull what's left of my hair out of my skull trying to search any more for a way to watch that on the interwebs.

If someone finds a way to watch it, let me know.


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Really interesting, and one to watch in the weeks to come. It very much reminded me of the "One Challenge" that I invented over on the Leica User Forum. A group of photographers, one city, one hour, 36 exposures, one image submitted. This lot had six hours, which is a long time to maintain concentration in somewhere as intense as Rome. I thought the judging was firm but scrupulously fair. I particularly liked the guidance from the judges of "don't make images for us, make them for yourselves". Interesting to see that the sponsors must be Leica and Peak, judging from the cameras and bags; I was amused by the young lady who plonked a few grand's worth of Leica on a stone wall and took a self-portrait in front of a fountain - in the Rome I know not only would there have been 120 people between her and the camera, it would also not be there when you went back... All that said, it's a pleasure to see a programme about photography - a visual medium - that actually "works" visually and doesn't talk down to the viewer.


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By pure chance I caught the 2nd episode last night - Berlin at Night - again nothing stood out as magnificent but judges comments astute & useful

I could benefit from a website here to take more time viewing


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I tried watching the first episode but I found Ms Rossellini too annoying, and the usual portentous soundtrack too. So I switched off after about 5 minutes. Sounds like I should give it another go on NowTV catch up.

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